Our Work Enviroment

Center for Nonprofit Law provides a progressive workplace that stresses social responsibility and respects the needs of all who work here.  We are a “family friendly” office that provides the flexibility needed by people with young children and aging parents and we try to meet the demands made by evolving family responsibilities and stages of life. We provide generous paid vacation time and flexible leave for our staff, and encourage them use the time for family, special interests and travel because we know that people who achieve an interesting balance between their work and play are happier, healthier, and more productive.

Our staff also enjoys spending time together and often plan activities such as game days, office lunches, holiday parties, and summer “lunch circles” in which we rotate hosting lunches for each other in our homes and gardens.

To encourage community involvement and support, our office matches charitable donations from our staff of up to $100 per year, and we give our staff paid time off to work as volunteers for local nonprofit organizations.

Finally, we strive to be an environmentally sustainable office.  We have installed a 5.5 KW commercial PV (Photo Voltaic) system on the roof of our law office which produces all of the electrical energy we need to run our computers, printers, copier, lights and appliances, during most of the year.  We practice conservation by using energy efficient lights and appliances, and by recycling everything possible.